Growing food as new normal after COVID-19

Growing your own food will be the new normal after COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought slow production in our food manufacturing and farms in the most part of the affected countries. Here in the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila. We’ve suffered a lot since most of the manufacturing companies had to close down due to enhanced community quarantine. Workers were not allowed to go to work except those on the frontline particularly those working in the hospitals.

With this situation, production of commodities were halted. And so the whole population relied on the existing stock inventory especially during the first few weeks.

Those families with enough space started growing vegetables. In a few weeks time, they were able to harvest their veggies enough to supplement their food stocks. And this is part of the new normal after COVID-19. People will learn to grow food and not rely sole for the relief goods.

This will be the practice moving forward, being self sufficient in times of crisis.

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