Manage Tasks with Spreadsheet

Manage Tasks with a Spreadsheet

Do you do internet marketing? Whether you sell your skill as an internet marketer to other webmasters or if you market your own website, blog, product, or service, time management is key. After all, your income depends on how much marketing you are able to accomplish.

Since time management is an important component of generating income as an internet marketer, you may be looking for helpful tips. Yes, there is time management software available for sale, but this software is not only expensive, but it can be another source of distraction. For that reason, rely on simpler tools, like a spreadsheet.

notebook-pen Manage Tasks with Spreadsheet

So, why should you use a spreadsheet for time management as an internet marketer?

It is free. You should already have a spreadsheet program on your computer. Whether you use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Words, one will be available to you. Since it is free to use and already installed on your computer, why not use one? When properly used, this free tool will produce the same results as many expensive time management software programs.

It is easy. Spreadsheets are designed to promote organization. For that reason, it is easy for you to use one to your advantage. Get started with a blank spreadsheet. Fill in the tasks you need to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In fact, that leads to another benefit of using spreadsheets as a time management tool, your options.

You can create a spreadsheet however you want. With that said, make sure your guide is always organized, easy to print, or easy to read on the computer. Since spreadsheets are organizational tools, do not let them create more problems. Take a few extra minutes to complete yours.

As previously stated, you can make a spreadsheet anyway you see fit. Daily spreadsheets are ideal for going into great detail. If you end up completing your tasks, but rushing at the last minute, you need to change your daily and hourly work habits. The best way is with a daily spreadsheet schedule. With a daily spreadsheet, you can do set blocks of time. For example, in the columns record time blocks, such as 9am to 10am. In the rows underneath, write what you want to do in that time frame.

If you are marketing your own website, as opposed to marketing for hire, your spreadsheet can be less in detail. For example, do you want to write five articles for article directories? Instead of writing the titles of each article, just write “Write five articles and submit.” Once you have completed those articles, cross them from your list. Being general lets you use the same spreadsheet each week, which is ideal for creating a common, productive schedule. Just save a copy on your computer and print when the day arrives.

In addition to daily spreadsheet schedules, weekly are popular as well. If you are okay with managing your time, but have only a few problems, a weekly schedule may work. Remember, if you have difficulties managing your hour-to-hour day, a daily spreadsheet is recommended.

When creating a weekly internet marketing spreadsheet schedule, start with the columns. Write each day in a separate column. This may require 2 printable pages. In the rows underneath, highlight the tasks you want to complete. In addition to being generalized, you can go into further detail. For example, record the names of the articles you want to write or which directories you intend to submit to.

To use a spreadsheet as a time management tool, it is important to use it. For that reason, print your sheet. Having a detailed to-do list in the form of a spreadsheet right by your side will be easier. In fact, regularly having to bring it up on your computer screen can technically be considered a distraction. Remember, when looking to improve your time management skills, even the smallest distractions can cost you time and money.

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